The first step in developing any marketing plan is strategy. You need to know where you're going and map out how you'll get there before starting the journey. That's why strategy is at the heart of what Recon does. From our first meeting with you to the end of your campaign, we will align every piece we create for you with your goals and needs.

How do we develop our strategies? This is what our process looks like:

We will work with you through focus groups, surveys, and demographic analysis to establish which audiences are most likely to interact with your brand. We'll also show where your target audiences are likely to be found and what messages will resonate with them.

Once we've helped you discover your target audience through research, we can help your brand reach them. Recon will help develop your brand's unique voice, style and messaging. To do this, we will listen to all members of your organization and align your values with the needs and desires of your target audience.


Once you've developed your brand voice, you'll have to compete against other organizations going after your same audience. We can help you with that too. Recon Digital Media will analyze your market, look at your competitors and establish what differentiates your brand from everything else.