About Us

Recon Digital Media was created in 2019 as an offshoot of GDC Marketing & Ideation in San Antonio, Texas. Recon’s digital professionals saw an opportunity to help their digital clients go further with their brands. By offering a full agency dedicated to digital media and yet still able to leverage traditional marketing platforms through GDC, Recon would fill a large gap in the industry.

That is why Recon Digital Media was formed. We work with our sister organizations to bridge the gap between digital specialists and traditional strategies to benefit businesses of all sizes. While Recon focuses on digital marketing, every team member is fully versed in all aspects of 21st-century advertising styles.

There are no specialists on our Recon team. We all consider ourselves digital marketing generalists. We know a lot about a lot. We use that knowledge to get to know your business and goals. Then, we create a personalized plan for you. There are no cookie-cutter packages at Recon. You will never have to pay for services that will not benefit your business.

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