Media Stack

A media stack places one marketing advertisement or campaign on several digital channels. This allows multiple audiences to see your content at once.

For instance, Recon media recently created one campaign for Don't mess with Texas®. We placed creative elements, including videos, social posts and advertisements, on all major social media channels. We can put your display ads on social media while running your streaming audio on Spotify and debuting your new commercial on Hulu.

How do we stack our digital media? Many agencies can create display ads, streaming audio and paid social media, Recon does all that and more…

Addressables are what we call video and streaming ads that target people at a specific address. Suppose you've got a list of customers who get direct mail flyers or catalogs from you. In that case, this is the perfect opportunity to get your ads on their computers, devices and even TVs!

Watch our video to learn more about addressable ads.

Recon can put ads in front of your target audience right where they work, live and play. We target people who visit specific locations while using their smartphones through geofencing and geo following. Want to get your products in front of veterans? Recon can show ads to people visiting the VA hospital. Want pet lovers? We can catch people scrolling through their social feeds at the dog park.

You can learn more about Geotactics by watching this video.

RECON Digital | Filming Digital Content

This is our term for something you might have experienced. Recon partners with search engines and websites to serve your ad to customers as soon as they search for what you offer. That way, you know you're reaching the right people.

To learn more about Behavioral Targeting, watch this video.

OTT stands for Over-The-Top advertising. It applies to any video ad you watch on your TV through your internet connection. The ads you see on your favorite streaming services are all OTT. Recon can fully produce your OTT ads and place them on streaming services based on your audience goals.

Find out how Recon's OTT strategies can help you by watching our video.