Empowering Tomorrow: Texas CASA's Awareness and Diversity Campaign Success with Recon

Client Overview

Texas CASA, a non-profit organization, offers regional support to 72 local programs across Texas, with a key mission to enlist volunteers who work alongside case workers to ensure the well-being of children in the foster care system, serving as neutral third parties dedicated to the best interests of the children involved. In addition to expanding recruitment efforts, Texas CASA aims to enhance the diversity of its volunteers in terms of age, gender, race, and background.

The Challenge

Recon implemented a campaign focused on growing awareness and leads across Texas and diversifying the targeted audience. The campaign consisted of traditional and digital means to drive measurable KPIs that resulted in their most successful year.


Beginning with an overall goal of increasing awareness across Texas, Recon implemented a campaign that leveraged their spending to include traditional Television, Radio, and an Out-of-Home tour. The approach leveraged partnerships and vendor relationships providing support across a wide audience with high reach and high frequency impressions to adults over the age of 21. Through these partnerships, efforts were also taken to execute localized campaigns to harder-to-reach areas and audiences.

Programmatic digital utilizes OTT/Streaming Television, Streaming Audio, Programmatic Display, and social efforts to grow awareness and meaningfully connect with diverse audiences. Through these tactical efforts, digital insights, and leveraging platform machine learning, Recon was able to extend the overall reach of this campaign across digital and traditional mediums. All in all, this garnered the campaign over 52 million impressions, nearly twice the population of Texas.



Qualified leads


Increase in younger volunteers


Increase in diverse volunteers