Pouring Success: How Strategic Digital Marketing Transformed Stray Grape Urban Winery's Growth Amidst Uncertainty

Client Overview

Stray Grape Urban Winery, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a boutique winery and tasting room renowned for producing small-batch wines sourced from grapes originating in 10 different countries. With a diverse range of 50 unique wine products available for purchase by the glass, bottle, case, batch, and via mail order, the winery has carved a niche in the competitive wine industry.

The Challenge

The owners of Stray Grape Urban Winery acquired the establishment shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite successfully maintaining sales during the challenging months of lockdowns and restrictions, they faced a significant challenge: uncertainty about their primary consumer base. Their initial perception was that their clientele skewed older and more affluent, a demographic that needed diversification. Furthermore, their marketing efforts lacked a strategic focus, with organic and earned media efforts often yielding inconsistent results.


Stray Grape Urban Winery partnered with Recon Digital Media to address these challenges and propel their business towards a 10% growth target through a well-structured digital advertising campaign. Recon Digital Media initiated a multi-step strategy to revamp the winery’s marketing approach:

  • Strategic Editorial Calendar: Recon Digital Media introduced a three-month ahead planning system for promotions, sales, and special events. This approach ensured a cohesive and well-coordinated marketing strategy.
  • Visual Content Creation: To diversify the demographic appeal of Stray Grape’s marketing materials, Recon organized a comprehensive photo and video shoot capturing various aspects of the winery, including the bottling process, private events, and more.
  • Integration with POS and Measurable ROI: Recon integrated paid media efforts with Stray Grape’s point-of-sale system to measure ad-driven sales and track new customer acquisition. This data-driven approach was crucial for assessing return on investment.
  • Performance-Based Digital Marketing: Recon implemented a six-month, performance-driven digital marketing plan focused on adaptability and measurability. The team continuously optimized ad spend and performance to ensure efficient resource allocation.
  • Native Ads and Paid Social Media: Recon’s strategy included native ads and paid social media targeting to reach wine enthusiasts within a radius of the winery, aiming to boost awareness, drive traffic, and generate sales.


The strategic digital advertising campaign orchestrated by Recon Digital Media yielded remarkable results for Stray Grape Urban Winery, effectively achieving the set objectives:

1.5 million



Video Views


Click-through rate (CTR)


Increase in website traffic