From digital campaigns for legendary brands like Don't mess with Texas to public schools like KIPP, Recon has helped clients of all shapes and sizes get their message out. Take a look at some of our award-winning creative and case studies below.



KIPP Texas Public Schools are located in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio with 59 pre-K-12 schools and more than 31,000 students. KIPP Texas creates educational opportunities for kids in underserved areas. In fact, their schools are so academically excellent, students from KIPP Texas graduate college at a rate three times greater than their peers.

Families who want their students to attend public charter schools, like KIPP Texas, must apply to participate in a lottery. As a result, parents have become savvy, applying to more than one public charter school in an effort to get their child an opportunity for a seat in a high-quality school. That results in a serious scramble by public charter schools as they not only have to compete for applications, but work to build an emotional connection with a family so if the child is offered a seat, that family actually enrolls the child and attends the school.

Public schools in Texas are funded by average daily attendance of the students in school, meaning if schools do not fill their classrooms, the school and district lose funding. The competition is fierce and millions of educational dollars are on the line.

When the pandemic hit, hundreds of school districts were placed in attendance and financial limbo as they didn’t have full classrooms for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. At a time when the world was thrown in uncertainty, many families were not thinking about changing their child’s school, they were wondering if school would take place in the fall at all.

KIPP Texas Public Schools had thousands of seats left to fill before the start of school and time was running out.


Efficiently drive a large number of enrollments at KIPP Texas schools in the face of COVID-induced uncertainty.



Recon Digital Media launched a comprehensive full funnel paid media campaign targeting families in underserved communities to raise awareness of KIPP Texas Public Schools, drive traffic to KIPP Texas website, and increase the propensity to convert.

Our tactics included:

  • Mobile GeoFence/GeoFollow targeted ads in low-income area grocery stores on the first week of the month to reach low-income families immediately after they’ve received their government assistance check
  • Streaming Audio ads presented as :15 second or :30 second English and Spanish audio spots targeting low-income families on Spotify, Pandora, SlackerRadio, etc.
  • Connected TV ads presented as :15 second or :30 second video messages targeting low-income families on Roku TV, Apple TV, Sling, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and XBOX One
  • Video Pre-Roll targeting online behavior of low-income families with a focus on job recruiter sites, news sites, and educational content
  • Search Engine Marketing bottom of the funnel search ads to reach users searching for charters schools like KIPP Texas produced conversions efficiently
  • YouTube advertising targeted at a Spanish-language demo to drive awareness of KIPP Texas as a free charter school option in our target geographies
  • Facebook advertising through a full-funnel brand awareness, traffic, and conversion campaign to reach low-income parents in select zip codes in each of our markets and guide them towards converting into applicants


Recon Digital Media hit people at all stages of the funnel and produced a large pool of enrollments at a rate far above industry averages.





KIPP Texas saw a 84.6% increase in enrollments while our campaign was running



KIPP Texas Facebook Ads Cost-Per- Enrollment was 31.25% lower than Education industry averages



KIPP Texas Search Engine Marking Cost-Per-Enrollment was 39.58% lower than Education industry averages