Cibolo EDC: Driving Economic Growth through Strategic Digital Marketing and Targeted Engagement

Client Overview

The Cibolo Economic Development Corporation (Cibolo EDC) is a public entity responsible for managing a portion of local sales tax dollars allocated to provide incentives for new or expanding businesses within the City of Cibolo, Texas. These incentives encompass a range of options, including infrastructure development, tax abatements, loans, grants, and workforce training. The Cibolo EDC maintains a strategic partnership with the Governor’s Office for Economic Development and Tourism, allowing them to leverage applicable state incentives for projects located in Texas.

The Challenge

Cibolo, TX, a city with a promising economic landscape, sought to increase awareness and position itself competitively as an ideal location for businesses looking to expand or establish themselves in target industries, particularly Healthcare and Manufacturing. The primary objective was to attract business decision-makers from these sectors, drawing their attention to the opportunities Cibolo had to offer.


To address this challenge, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy was devised to maximize budget utilization while ensuring broad reach across large population markets. The plan was executed in Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) and involved a multi-pronged approach, including the following tactics:

  1. Native Targeting: Content was strategically placed in digital environments where it seamlessly blended with the user experience, ensuring that it reached the target audience without disruption.

  2. Geofence/Geofollow: Geographical boundaries were defined to create virtual perimeters around key locations, such as business districts and industrial areas, allowing for precise targeting of potential businesses and decision-makers.

  3. Contingent Tactic Geofence/Geofollow: This approach was contingent upon business development conferences, with specific dates and locations to be determined.

    When these conferences occurred, the digital marketing efforts were redirected to capture the attention of attendees and maximize the impact.
  1. Social Media Engagement: The Cibolo EDC actively utilized various social media platforms to engage with the target audience; this included:
    • LinkedIn: Leveraging the professional network to connect with business decision-makers.
    • Facebook: Using this platform to reach a broader audience and increase brand visibility.
    • Instagram: Utilizing visuals and engaging content to capture the interest of potential investors and businesses.


The implementation of the digital marketing strategy yielded impressive results, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign:




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